Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Simply making a resolution for the upcoming year is a huge step. However, setting a goal to last all 365 days can be a daunting task. As months slip by and life once again assumes its typical monotony, we can lose sight of new beginnings, fresh starts, and positive goals that we set when our spirits were riding the highs of the holiday season. This year, resolve to keep your New Year’s resolution by following these simple steps.

Set a Realistic Resolution

Often times, resolutions are broken because they are complicated multi-step solutions or long-term goals that involve many restrictions and rules. Instead of vowing to run a marathon by summertime, set a goal of running three times a week around the neighborhood. Or, sign up with a group of friends for a 10K. Smaller goals are more approachable and achievable, and your resolution needn’t be set in stone. Start with an achievable objective and once you’ve met that, set the bar a little higher for the next mile marker.

Make it Measurable

Try to make your resolution measurable so you can recognize and celebrate each milestone as you accomplish it. Log your progress into a journal or mobile app, and each day take note of the headway you’ve made from the days or weeks before. If your New Year’s resolution is to cook at home four nights a week, take photos of your meals and share them with family and friends to hold yourself accountable. Regardless of your resolution, there are many ways to confirm and share your commitment to it.

Swap Out the “Bad” for the “Good”

Going “cold turkey” on anything is difficult for even the strongest willed among us. Instead of simply forgoing all junk food for the rest of your life, or at least the rest of 2020, make substitutions where you can. For instance, replace the mid-afternoon vending machine run with a healthy snack. That way, you’ll still enjoy the routine of an after-lunch break without falling into an unhealthy habit.

Ask for Support

Rely on your community to help you stick to your resolution. Tell your family and friends what you’re trying to give up or accomplish during the new year. When we share our goals with others, they are more likely to inquire throughout the year, holding us accountable by simply checking in. Ask a friend to join you in setting similar New Year’s resolutions and rely on each other for supportive words and reassurance when the going gets tough.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

More than half of all New Year’s resolutions are dropped before the first month of the year even ends. One year is a long time to change ingrained behaviors or bad habits. It’s also a lot of time to allow yourself to form new routines and stick to them. If you forgot a day of working out, indulged in refined sugar, or splurged on a new outfit instead of saving, give yourself a break. Recalibrate and plan to stick to your goal the next day. Embrace the speedbumps and potholes on the road to a better you!

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