Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

The Evergreen is a symbol of Christmas, but one that can come with an environmental cost. Fortunately, there are various ways to celebrate the season and sustainability, including the following:

Use a Service

Tree recycling has become popular in recent years, so much so that many cities offer Christmas tree recycling in various places across town. Anyone who wants to donate their tree can drop it off free of charge. The tree will then be recycled into mulch and used in parks and flower beds as needed. 

Feed a Goat

While goats are known as animals that will eat just about anything, including your brand-new tennis shoes, Christmas trees are among their favorite foods. They’re so popular with our four-hoofed friends that some farms actively solicit donations via social media. If you don’t know many goats, consider asking around in one of the more rural areas. Chances are, there’s a hungry herd somewhere.  

Replant in Your Yard

Replanting a Christmas tree in your yard requires some effort, particularly in Colorado. With the frozen ground and cold temperatures, it’s perhaps a task best attempted by those with some botanical knowledge and a very strong shovel. But if you’re successful, a Christmas tree makes a stunning addition to any front or backyard. It also provides for nature by giving squirrels and birds more real estate options.  

Fuel Your Fire

Wood from chopped-up Christmas trees is an excellent choice for firewood, but with a caveat: it’s best for outdoor use only. Evergreens are typically covered in sap, which is highly flammable. This means they burn fast and hot, making them an excellent option for a New Year’s Eve bonfire, but not your living room. 

Glam Up the Garden

Recycled Christmas trees add a little glam to your garden in a few different ways. For starters, the wood ash (from burned trees) is rich in potassium and lime. Spreading it over your plants can help them thrive while keeping insects away. Pine needles help increase the PH level of soil, as well. The tree’s branches even work as an alternative to mulch, protecting roots from frost, providing nutrients, and setting your foliage up for a successful spring.

Whether you opt to use a service or repurpose on your own, Christmas tree recycling is a wonderful way to embrace the beauty of the holiday while going out on a limb for Mother Nature.

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