Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts for the Family

Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts for the Family

On the search for fun, creative Halloween crafts that the whole family can help create? The projects we share here are wonderful for all ages and will look great in your home or on your porch this fall. Whether you’re looking for light-hearted or spooky craft ideas, you’ll find an option here:

Splatter Paint Pumpkins

Looking for an alternative to traditional jack-o-lanterns? Splatter paint pumpkins are festive and fun to make. Choose real or craft pumpkins and acrylic paints in your favorite colors. First, paint the pumpkin in a solid color. Then, mix acrylic paints with water until creamy and dip a small paintbrush into the mixture. To create a splatter effect, flick the brush over the pumpkin. Repeat in different colors, if desired.

Yarn-Wrapped Mummies

If you’re desiring spooky decorations, these yarn-wrapped mummies are your go-to. Download the mummy template here, then trace onto cardboard. After cutting out the tracing, paint with black paint and allow it to dry. Glue googly eyes to the face (Glue Dots or tacky glue works well). Cut a few slits into the cardboard to help the wrapping stay put, and tape one end of the yarn to the back of the head. Leaving a space for the eyes, begin wrapping the yarn around the face, body, and legs. When finished, tape the other end of the yarn to the back of the mummy.

Easy Halloween Slime

Slime is fun for kids of all ages, and this slime tutorial is super simple to put together. You’ll just need five ounces of clear glue, one tablespoon of baking soda, green glitter paint, three tablespoons of saline solution, and googly eyes to complete the project. Start by squeezing the glue into a bowl, then add the baking soda. Stir in the glitter paint until the solution reaches your desired color. Stir the mixture until well combined, then mix in the saline solution. Roll the slime in your hands until it’s no longer sticky (this can take up to five minutes). If the slime is still sticking, add more saline solution. Pop the googly eyes on top, and the slime creation is complete!

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern

Glowing ghost mason jars are hauntingly beautiful on fall nights. Start by cleaning and drying a pint-sized mason jar and paint with white craft or latex paint using a foam brush. Allow to dry, then add another one to two coats (making sure each coat dries completely before applying more). To let light shine through, take a piece of sandpaper and sand a little bit of paint from the letters. After wiping sanding dust from the jar, use a sealing spray to seal. Finally, create a ghost face using a silhouette, vinyl cutter, or Sharpie. Even stickers will work! For the final touch, place a battery-operated tea light in the jar.

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